a. The ONLY thing a delivery person needs to do is to use any device they have that can read the QR Coded 'Notify-Me-Card'.
b. The scanning device must have Internet access through their wireless cell network, WiFi or any type of mobile hotspot.
c. Most smartphones just use their camera to scan the QR Code.
d. There many free QR Code scanning apps available.
e. For delivery personnel, we suggest looking at Mint Mobile or other wireless plans for Internet access in remote areas.
a. No waiting necessary, but they will receive a return message indicating that a delivery notification email was sent.
a. We are spreading the word to all of the major delivery businesses. Over time, visibility of the black and white 'Notify-Me-Card' will become ubiquitous and its presence indicates the owner requests a scan every time a delivery is made.
b. You can also request any delivery person or entity to scan your 'Notify-Me-Card' for every delivery.
a. Yes, because a scan of the card always sends a notification email to your registered email address.
b. We recommend destroying the old cards, updating your account to the new address and requesting replacement 'Notify-Me-Cards' mailed to the new address for $5 each.
a. Yes, you can optionally add up to two additionall notification email addresses. Every time your 'Notify-Me-Card' is scanned, every email address specified on your account will receive a notification email. We suggest using members from the same mailing address. This is really helpful when at least one resident member is present.
a. Since there are many varieties of mailboxes, yours may not have an attachable location for a sticky-back card the size of a credit card. Depending on the size and location of the mailbox door, see if the back of the opened door can be scanned.
b. Also consider nearby locations that may work, such as the mailbox supporting structure.
c. The attachable card is easy to cut with scissors. You can cut off the two sides with the black rectangles, leaving the center black and white column for attachment. Please be careful to not cut away any part of the QR Code. Image
d. Continue monitoring this site for future solutions to this situation.
a. Actually, it can work better than a door bell for the following reasons, if your visitor can scan your 'Notify-Me-Card':
    i. It doesn’t need electricity.
    ii. As the account owner, you can hear your email device notify you with a sound, vibration, or flashing light wherever you are.
    iii. You may be visiting a neighbor or working in the garage or basement, out of range of hearing a door bell.
    iv. This is perfect if you have a hearing disability.
a. Yes, we support up to a total of 10 cards per account. The two initial cards plus up to 8 additional cards.
a. Yes, each additional 'Notify-Me-Card' will have the next number in your current sequence of cards. Such as; L3, L4 L5... up to L10.
a. Yes. Signin to your account page and select the specific 'Notify-Me-Card' or cards you wish to replace. Make sure you select the exact 'L Number' 'Notify-Me-Card' you wish to replace. The 'L Number' is for you to identify the Location where you installed that 'L Number' card.
a. Yes, just select the specific replacement 'Notify-Me-Card' and select the number of additional 'Notify-Me-Cards' you wish to order.
a. Some people have more than one residence. Or, they may have more than one entrance where a visitor can scan to announce their presence or complete a delivery.
b. You might have your car in for repair and upon repair completion, a 'Notify-Me-Card' can be scanned per your instructions.
c. There are many other useful ways these 'Notify-Me-Cards' can be used. We would love to hear your suggetsions.
d. Remember, the owner of the account, is the one who receives the email notification message every time the 'Notify-Me-Card' is scanned by any device capable of scanning a QR Code.
a. Absolutely! In fact, tests have shown us that 'Notify-Me-Card' scans work extremely well.
a. Certainly! Another example of convenience and time saving.

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