Your Mail/Delivery Is Here

  • Receive immediate notification
  • Mail and Package theft reduced
  • Eliminate needless trips to mailbox
  • Know exact delivery time

Stop wasting time chasing mail or deliveries

How this works


How This Works:

  • Receive 2 scannable QR Coded 'Notify-Me-Cards' for mailbox and door area.
  • Position 'Notify-Me-Card' for delivery service to scan.
  • When scanned, you receive 'Your Mail is Here' email message.
  • Register through PayPal for $10 annual auto-renew subscription.
  • Optionally add up to 2 additional notification email addresses for free.
  • Optionally add up to 8 additional delivery 'Notify-Me-Cards' for $5 each.

'Notify-Me-Cards' are same size as credit cards.


Peel off card backing and attach 'Notify-Me-Card' to L1 Delivery Location.


Peel off card backing and attach 'Notify-Me-Card' to L2 Delivery Location.


  • Significant mail theft reduction
  • Significant porch package theft reduction (porch pirates)
    • Works well with near-door camera systems
    • Activate or check camera view at notification time
  • Convenience with quick QR Coded 'Notify-Me-Cards'
    • Two locations for 'Notify-Me-Cards'
    • Instant notification through email
    • Less pacing waiting for deliveries
    • Knowing exactly which delivery location was just scanned
  • Eliminate needless trips to mailbox
    • Waiting for delivery of important mail
    • Distance
    • Weather conditions
    • Disabilities
  • Know exact time of day delivery
  • Maintain historical delivery log of each location
  • Delivery service providers don’t need to wait except when signatures are required
  • Multiple instant notification options
  • Excellent opportunity to recover lost items
  • Works well in certain business situations

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